Brompton Man & Boy

While you read the following entry it may come across your mind that I am an evil and manipulative moron who likes people under my thumb.

I like to think that is not totally true. I like to think that I know my husband very well. I know how bloody stubborn and reluctant he is when it comes to trying or accepting something new. Plus, I like to think the magic which is charmed into every Brompton that sucks you in like some sort of cult.

When I started my Brompton adventure its general aim was to bring Daddy’s boy and self-closer together to have some bonding time. Boy – Mum – Brompton.

However, whilst out and about with him and the bike, and seeing how much he was enjoying himself I felt bad and felt like that a family opportunity was being missed and missed my husband.

What with our weekends devoted to cutting the grass cleaning the car and going to Sainsbury’s Friday, Saturday, Sunday I was getting a bit restless and wanted to do things as a family.

When I first mentioned the idea of the Brompton he was as expected instantly negative.

Grunts the following;

  • Don’t see when you’re going to use it.
  • You already have a bike.
  • Where are you going to put it
  • Any bike with small wheels is inefficient

And other such grunts alike.

Of course being prepared for all such grunts I was prepared and upbeat, now taking joy in turning his negative thoughts in to clear joyful reasoning.

Well I would like a Brompton, as with the IT chair I can take Ethan (yes he is not really called Boy) out by myself and give you some much needed time to yourself and not have him around your feet all the time. It will give us an opportunity to bond. Yes I already have a bike however as stated previously I can’t use it with Ehtan myself, you’ve seen I can’t get on and off it without assistance. Plus being a folding bike, it will have the flexibility to fit in the car so we can go where we please and it will open up other opportunities of travel. Where am I going to put it? Its small, it folds up and it can stay in the boot of my car as I’m sure I can have some fun on it at lunch times. Yes small wheels are inefficient but I’m not using it to commute 22miles a day; I will be using it as a fun leisure bike unlike the mudder in the garage.

I think he was sold on the first line.

It will give us a chance to bond and give you some time to yourself.

Ethan is a Daddy’s boy won’t do anything without daddy but when it comes to coming on the back of the mountain bike with me he love it. I hate pram pushing and Ethan is such a lazy walker, I love riding a bike it’s an elegant and rather necessary solution.

My husband has learnt that no matter what he says, he knows my mind is more than likely set and as it is my own well earned money, there’s nothing he can do to stop me.

So I got my way and got my Brompton and the IT chair. However after playing joyfully with both for a total of 2 weeks there was still a hole in my life, it was my husband, and it was the lack of another Brompton for the husband.

So the highlights of breaking my husband into Brompton is as follows.


We are now awaiting the arrival of a brand new 6 speed Superlight Titanium raw lacquer. Already nicked named Hannibal, but we have yet to meet.

For information when Evans cycles say there is a 24 turn around for items in stock they actually mean 72 hour turn around.














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